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An interactive experience by Nancy Chui and Kevin Kwok inspired by the idea of the touch-less touchscreen. Gesture controls provide users with an engaging interactive experience and the ability to educate themselves about our solar system. With emerging technology we were able to use the unique features of the recently released Microsoft Kinect to bring our project to life.

In progress

Languages/programs explored:
Unity, Tuio, OpenFrameworks, C++, Processing and Flash

Through this project we were thankful enough to get guidance from the helpful of JPL (Jet Propulsion Laboratory) and our mentors Todd Masilko and Steve Kim.


A peak at the process

Early on in the process we adopted the adopted the TuioKinect framework based on the multi-touch library TUIO.

TuioKinect tracks simple hand gestures using the Kinect controller and sends control data based on the TUIO protocol. This allows the rapid creation of gesture enabled applications with any platform or environment that supports TUIO. This is a preliminary proof of concept implementation, which still needs several improvements to become fully usable. Nevertheless it should work out of the box with most TUIO client applications



Other methods we looked into

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